Conference programme

Date Time Event Registration Country
07.11.2018   CONGRESS 1    
  12:00-17:00 ISTE Conference «Transforming Education» Register now USA
    CONGRESS 1    
  19:00-22:00 Worlddidac Award Ceremony   more than 15 countries represented
08.11.2018   CONGRESS 4    
  09:30-12:30 Future Talk Register now  
08.11.2018   CONGRESS 2    
  14:00-17:30 Finnish Educational Innovations for Life-long learning Register now Finland
    FOYER SÜD    
  18:00-20:00 Business Exchange Club Register now more than 20 countries represented
09.11.2018   CONGRESS 8    
  09:30-11:00 Enabling the Connected Classroom of the Future by HDBaseT Alliance by Daniel Shwartzberg Register now USA


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