Exhibition Information


Worlddidac is aimed at companies that manufacture products for professional training, scientific research and technical professions – from laboratory equipment and software to simulation equipment. Around 300 exhibitors from all around the world will be showing their latest innovations at Worlddidac and will get the opportunity to initiate business with dealers or even sign contracts with them on-the-spot.


Worlddidac has been designed for dealers and resellers of educational resources together with the specifiers and buyers of educational products and services, scienctific research and technical professions. Visitors to the event will see the latest ideas from the World’s largest and most innovative creators of teaching resources. They will have the opportunity to see and use many of these products, discuss their application with the people who designed them or even sign contracts with them on-the-spot.

Exhibition areas

The Worlddidac and Swissdidac offer the following topic areas:

  • STEM
  • Robotics
  • Vocational education and training
  • Teaching materials and publishing products (digital & print)
  • Design & music
  • Educational toys & Serious Gaming
  • School and consumable materials, stationery items
  • Space concepts indoor & outdoor (fittings & furnishings)
  • ICT infrastructure
  • User programs
  • Administrative software & security
  • Early promotion
  • Services for educational institutions
  • Further education and personal development of instructors
  • Authorities, associations and organisations
  • Educational solutions
  • Health (nutrition & exercise)
  • Special needs
  • Learning venues outside of school